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  • 97th Annual Founder's Day-June 21st 2014



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    Founders Day 2014


    Mary C. Anderson

    In memory of Dean R. Anderson '56



    Wayne C. Bollum '76



    Ralph Manwarren Charitable Trust

    In memory of Arthur and Ralph Manwarren



    Stuart V. Immer '57



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  • Alpha Gamma Rho Lambda Chapter


    96th Annual Founder's Day - April 6th 2013



    The 96th Lambda Founder's Day was held this year at the Ramada Plaza Hotel. Both alumni and collegiate brothers were in attendence and the day's events began with a small social hour where brothers were able to catch up with one another, preview the finalized new Lambda chapter house plans and bet on certain items in the silent auction.


    Brother Bill Manwarren called the 96th Founder’s Day annual meeting to order by addressing and welcoming the 108 alumni and collegiate brothers to the event. 




    Secretary's Report:


    Brother Stuart Immer reported the minutes of the previous 95th Founder's Day held on March 31, 2012. He also presented a list of the 35 oldest living members of the Lambda chapter who were initiated by the end of 1947. 


    Below is a list of the 35 oldest brothers by pin numbers:


    #411 - Kirkpatric Lawton, Sr         #523 - Kenneth W. Hanson  

    #415 - John R. Gurton         #524 - Bernard Cranston          

    #430 - Roy F. Hedtke         #528 - John M. Crist   

    #454 - Robert E. Ahlin         #530 - Forrest R. Mykleby   

    #460 - Alfred R. Halvorson         #531 - Emerson Lyman

    #470 - Mead H. Cavert         #532 - Russell K. Anderson

    #472 - Odin G. Nelson         #533 - Ralph J. Clifford

    #474 - Devayne N. Eppler         #542 - James A. Wempner

    #480 - Donald J. Swanson         #543 - Omer N. Swenson

    #484 - Bennett K. Dondlinger         #547 - Quentin B. Kubicek

    #489 - Harley E. Hanke         #550 - Otis D. Siewert

    #495 - Odell T. Barduson         #553 - Howard L. Carlson

    #505 - Warren A. Vong         #554 - Dean P. Cates

    #506 - Roger W. Drinkwalter         #555 - Robert W. Kugler

    #507 - Robert T. Jorvig         #557 - William H. Newhall

    #508 - Paul A. Pinkert         #558 - Robert Sallstrom

    #513 - Arthur L. Olson         #561 - Earl K. Burbridge

    #522 - William J. Marshall                                           


    Brother Immer concluded his report by reporting there are currently 1100 living members, including the collegiate members, and the chapter has initiated 1745 total members.

    The minutes were approved as written.



    Treasuers Report:


    Brother Keith Wolf presented the December 31, 2012 Lambda Alumni Corportation's and Educational Foundation's annual balance sheets and annual income sheets. Both sheets showed values from the years 2012 and 2011 and highlighted on Total Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, and Net Income. The treasures report was then subjected to audit. 



    Collegiate Chapter Report:



    The newly elected Noble Ruler, Kirby Schmidt took the stage and reported on the collegiate achievements activites from the previous year. Brother Schmidt's report included:


    • Thanks to the leadership of Dylan Barth, VNR Recruitment, 17 new members were initiated this school year. Had the largest delegation (11) at the AGR Recruitment School. Brother Ethan Lapham will be the 2013 VNR Recruitment.


    • 5 Collegiates attended the National AGR Convention at Burlington, VT this last summer 2012


    • Scholarship Week was held March 22-23. Over 25 future CFANS students (High School Seniors) were interviewed. There will be a continual contact with these potential members throughout the Summer.


    • 10 Collegiates attended the AGR Leadership Seminar at Milwaukee, WI.


    • Academically, the Chapter GPA was 3.29 for the 2012 Spring Semester and 3.29 for the 2012 FallSemester. 7 Collegiates achieved recognition on the U of M Dean’s List for the 2012 Fall Semester.


    • Lambda was named U of M Homecoming Champions this last 2012 Fall.


    • Lambda has won the Spittoon Game in softball, football, and basketball since April, 2012.


    • Lambda has been very active in philanthropy projects such as having over 1,500 service hours, donated 98 units of blood, landscaped Janet Clocker’s backyard, raised over $1,000 at the annual pork feed, and helped feed 162 children for a year.


    • The Chapter has appointed Bradley Starbuck, Theta Chapter Alumnus, to be Lead Chapter Adviser starting the 2013 Fall Semester. He congratulated Elden Lamprecht for his 33+ years of Adviser service.


    • 28 Collegiates will be living at the U of M dormitory on the Mpls. Campus this Fall during the re-construction of the Chapter House. The other Brothers will live in apartments on Campus. They all,along with the new recruits will plan to move into the Chapter House when it is ready.






    FINANCE & OPERATIONS: Keith Wolf. Chrm., Jason Ward and Aaron Wolhowe


    Brother Ward reported that the 2012 Financial Books were reviewed and found to be in correct order.



    DEVELOPMENT: Stuart Immer, Chrm., Todd Christopherson, Ben Thorpe


    Brother Immer reported the following items:


    • The Crescent was published three times and a new 2012 Lambda Directory was prepared and published.


    • Lambda received the following 2012 awards from the National AGR Awards Program: a). Chapter Award - GOLD b). Promise and Values - HIGH HONOR c). Alumni Corporation Award - HIGH HONOR d). Crescent Best Series - HONORABLE MENTION e). National AGR Scholarship - Kirby Schmidt, Noble Ruler.


    • Lambda Chapter received the U of M Inter-Fraternity Council’s “Chapter of Excellence Award” (1st among all fraternities). Lambda received this same award the previous year as well.


    • Recognition to Brother Andrew Krinke for his work in fully establishing the Lambda Web-Site.


    • Recognition to Brother Kirby Schmidt for a). being one of the U of M Homecoming Candidates b). being a Regional Collegiate Director on the National AGR Board of Directors and c). being selected to receive “The Student Leadership Award” from the CFANS Alumni Society.



    FACILITIES: Andrew Voxland, Chrm., Gary Anderson, Tom Potter, and Andrew Miron


    Brother Voxland reported that plans are being established for removal of the furnishings and equipment prior to when the Chapter House re-construction begins and that he and Brother Durhman reviewed the interior structural needs such as durable wall and flooring materials for the new Chapter House.






    Brother Jason Ward moved to cast a unanimous ballot to re-elect Christopherson and Wolf and to elect Escen for a three year term. Brother Mark Vaupel seconded. Motion carried.




    BUILDING COMMITTEE REPORT: Neil Durhman and Paul Selberg


    Brother Durhman reported that the he and Paul Selberg have met regularly with the architects and the detailed Chapter House Blueprints are now completed. The plan is to apply for contractor bids next week and to start construction work as soon as Spring Semester ends.






    Brother Fruechte reported the amounts of pledges from the 361 members who have already donated to the new house to meet our 2.5 million dollar goal. 




    FOUNDER’S DAY REPORT: Gary Anderson, Chrm.


    Brother Anderson thanked his Committee Members and everyone for attending and furnished details regarding the Social Hour and the Evening Banquet.







    Arlan Wonderlich, AGR Grand President, discussed what AGR is doing on the National level. He stated that many AGR’s throughout the country are being hired because of the AGR Brand and that plans are being made to hold an AGR Caribbean Cruise.






    • Brother Clarence Horsager discussed alcohol usage and wants the Board and Collegiates to take another look at the present alcohol situation.


    • Brother Ethan Lapham, VNR Recruitment, discussed recruiting procedures without the use of the Chapter House this Fall and read the names of potential members who attended Scholarship Week.




    There being no further business, the Lambda Alumni Corp. meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.












    This year collegiate Brother Dylan Barth was elected as the Master of Ceremonies. Brother Barth began the banquet program with a speech telling of his time in Alpha Gamma Rho and the pride that comes along with his membership. 


    After Brother Barth's introductionary speech he stated the call to honor in the honor of those brothers we had lost over the previous year.





    MAN-OF-THE-YEAR LEADERSHIP AWARDS: #944 William Manwarren, Presenter


    Brother Manwarren presented the Noble Ruler and the Vice Noble Rulers with each of there recognition awards. 







    RECOGNITION OF THE 25 YEAR INITIATES: #1351 Mark M. Waschek, Presenter



    25 Year Lambda Initiates


                        #1331 Todd A. Christopherson    #1332 James P. Donkers    #1333 Charles J. Krause +   
                        #1334 Troy J. Michels #1335 Troy A. Stock #1336 Glenn Switzer +
                        #1337 Mike W. Wetzel   #1338 Stephen A. Agrimson    #1339 Christian C. Hanson +
                        #1340 Terry A. Anderson #1341 Thomas N. Foss + #1342 Judd C. Hanson +
                        #1343 Paul J. Kahnke  #1344 Kevin T. Kjosa  #1345 Michael P. Kramer
                        #1346 Jon T. Peters #1348 Jeffrey W. Malone #1349 Robert A. Sommer
                        #1350 Daniel J. Teske    


    + represents brothers in attendance at the 96th Founders Day





    RECOGNITION OF THE 50 YEAR INITIATES: #899 Allen J. Anderson and #911 Peter M. Jacobson, Presenters




    50 Year Lambda Initiates


                        #880 John E. Allerson +    #881 James A. Engan #882 Steven C. Haugen
                        #883 Jay R. Tonsfeldt #884 Roger L. Fransen #885 Douglas L. Hammer +
                        #886 Richard P. Klimmek #887 Robert B. Nelson #888 Brian E. Tivoli +
                        #889 Raphael M. Traen +        #890 Thomas G. Bongard       #891 Gary D. Braaten
                        #892 Wayne Erickson * #893 Dennis E. Hacker #894 Gordon G. Hamann
                        #895 Brian I. Ingvalson #896 Albert R. Quade + #897 Jerome B. Wendorff
                        #898 Edward L. Ziemer +    


    + represents brothers in attendance at the 96th Founders Day

    * represents deceased brothers



    RECOGNITION OF THE 75 YEAR INITIATES: Dylan Barth, Presenter


    75 Year Lambda Initiates


                        #411 Kirkpatric Lawton         #415 John R. Gurton         #430 Roy F. Hedtke   


    Brother Barth read a very inspirational letter that John Gurton had sent. 




    M.W. KNOBLACH DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD: #796 Neil N. Fruechte, Presenter


    Awarded to:


    #814 John F. Campe



    For displaying meritorious service to Lambda over the years: by furnishing Bank Financial assistance when needed, by assistance with the 2002 National AGR Convention held at Minneapolis, by serving as a Board Member for nine years (1999-2008) and President for four years (April 2003 - April 2007) on the original Lambda Chapter Educational Foundation, by serving as a Board Member for one year (2011) on the newly organized Lambda Chapter Educational Foundation, and by serving as a Board Member (November 2010 to present) on the Lambda Capital Campaign Executive Board.





    2013 MAN-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD: #860 Jerry D. Hawton, Presenter


    Awarded to:


     #1241 Steven R. Koziolek



    Following the presentation of this award, Brother Koziolek gave a speech that showcased his achievements within the chapter house as a collegiate member and his successes later in life. He also acknowlegded the help his family has given him throughout his successful career. Upon finishing his speech, Brother Koziolek presented Noble Ruler Kirby Schmidt with his Man of the Year book to be placed within the chapter house.