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  • As all people are created equally, not all fraternities are the same.  Some fraternities are strictly social, and as they provide for a good party atmosphere, academics are not held in high regard.  Conversely, professional fraternities are based solely in the career development of men, and have stringent guidelines to that which they are allowed to participate in, and function.  Alpha Gamma Rho at the University of Minnesota gives a healthy balance to both the social aspect of college life, and professional development.


    Alpha Gamma Rho is both a Social and Professional Fraternity.


    Social Fraternity:

    At the University of Minnesota, Alpha Gamma Rho is part of the Inter-Fraternity Council where we have a voice of the laws which govern the Greek life on campus.  In addition, we are fully capable of hosting and attending social functions for Greeks on campus and at our house. One social tradition is our annual Spittoon game, played in football, basketball, and softball.


    Professional Fraternity:

    Alpha Gamma Rho was founded on agriculture, and we uphold this tradition and pride ourselves in agriculture as our professional bond.  Yes, at one time agriculture meant farmers, plows, and cows.  However, agriculture has evolved into vast categories to incorporate all majors and careers dealing with natural resources, food and fiber, life sciences, biotechnology, and the biological sciences.  The professional aspect also allows for extreme networking with the thousands of AGR alumni in all fields across the country.  AGR is an organization a graduate wants on his resume.

    AGR is also active in its leadership development at the national level.Each year the chapter sends about one fourth of its members to a Leadership Seminar. Every other year Alpha Gamma Rho holds its National Convention, which acts as the legislative component of AGR.

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