• 2014 National AGR Convention

    Submitted by Bryan Wendt on 08/05/14 08:18:00 PM

    2014 AGR National Convention

    Indianapolis, Indiana

    August 1st-4th



    Gold Chapter Status

    Promise and Values - High Honor

    Chapter Adviser Award, Brad Starbuck - High Honor

    Best Single Crescent Issue, June 2013 - Honorable Mention

    Alumni Corporation Award - High Honor



    Brothers in attendance (L-R): Dylan Barth, Steven Haring, Dane Thompson, Adam Donkers, Bryan Wendt, Joe Joyer

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    New Fall 2013 Lambda Brothers

    Submitted by Andrew Krinke on 10/01/13 10:48:00 AM

    We are excited to welcome 5 new brothers into our fraternity today! Congratulations to Brothers: Luke Werner, Joe Joyer, Connor Klemenhagen, Matt Ditsch and Andrew Krause. 
    We are now 1,752 brothers strong as Alpha Gamma Rho - Lambda Chapter



    Lambda House Remodeling Pictures

    Submitted by Andrew Krinke on 08/03/13 04:04:00 PM

    Here are a few pictures of the current remodeling of the Lambda Chapter House:








    Housing Remodel Update

    Submitted by Andrew Krinke on 08/02/13 05:53:00 PM
    Here is a message from Brother Stuart Immer about the status of the new remodel project:
    I toured the progress at the Chapter House today.  The material from the 1956 addition is completely gone and they are ready to start setting up the footings.  I breifly talked with the forman and he said there wouldn't be a need to put in helio piers with the foundation footings.
    I asked him what is the progress with ... Read More

    New Lambda House Message

    Submitted by Andrew Krinke on 07/17/13 09:44:00 PM

    First, I think the drawings show that life in the new house will be much better.  There will be very good temperature control in summer and winter.  There will be more space for members, almost 14,000 sq. ft. compared with 11,000 some existing now.  There will be several more small meeting and sturdy places for groups.  Bathrooms and rooms with new furniture will be more accommodative.  And the house will be safer with ... Read More

    Lambda Spring Semester Academics

    Submitted by Andrew Krinke on 07/09/13 09:23:00 PM

    After 2 consecutive semesters ranked as the #3 fraternity for academics, the guys pulled it off and nailed a 3.34 house GPA average: ranking #1 on campus! Congratulations to the collegiate members for making Alpha Gamma Rho the top fraternity on campus academically!!!

    New House Plans

    Submitted by Andrew Krinke on 07/09/13 09:17:00 PM

    With the new remodeling of the Lambda chapter house beginning this summer, we are now able to see the plans for the newly remodeled house! By viewing the Remodel House Plans page of the website you can view the 3-D picture of the outside of the new Lambda chapter house as well as floor plans for each level of the new house. 


    Submitted by Kirby Schmidt on 05/29/13 10:08:00 PM

    This past year, the AGRs made a clean sweep of all 3 Spittoon games vs. Farmhouse!

    Additionally, AGR won the Big Stick (broomball) game vs. DQS for the 5th consecutive time.

    Here is a recap:


    Football Victory

    Spittoon Football: 13-8


    Basketball Victory

    Spittoon Basketball: 42-10


    Big Stick Victory

    Big Stick Broomball: 6-1


    Softball Victory

    Spittoon Softball: 8-7

    Alpha Gamma Rho wins 2012 Homecoming

    Submitted by Andrew Krinke on 10/15/12 05:11:00 PM


    This Fall 2012 Homecoming Alpha Gamma Rho, along with Sigma Pi, Phi Delta Theta and Kappa Kappa Gamma took first place. Our pairing "Legends of the Wild West" took 1st place victories in the Lipsync competition and the Float competition and a second place victory in the cheer competition. Congratulations to all of the Alpha Gamma Rho members and the members of Sigma Pi, Phi Delta Theta and Kappa Kappa Gamma on this victory!


    AGR Initiates Former CEO of Dow AgroSciences

    Submitted by Andrew Krinke on 09/02/12 11:40:00 AM


    On April 30, Lambda Chapter had a very special event and initiation for Brother Charlie Fischer. Brother Fischer is the former CEO of Dow AgroSciences, former National FFA Foundation chairman and is on the current board of advisors for FLM. 4 Past Grand Presidents including Brother William Boehm (Alpha Psi), Allan Johnson (Epsilon), Kirby Barrick (Beta) & Ted Priebe (Delta) also joined us, in addition to Brother Rob McClelland ... Read More

    AGR - Chapter of Excellence

    Submitted by Andrew Krinke on 09/02/12 11:38:00 AM

    The men of Alpha Gamma Rho have received the Chapter of Excellence award for the second year in a row! The award is presented to the top three most well rounded fraternities on campus. 

    Spring Jam Champions

    Submitted by Andrew Krinke on 09/02/12 11:36:00 AM


    The men of Alpha Gamma Rho have added another 'W' to their recent winning streak with the title of Spring Jam overall champions. Alpha Gamma Rho was paired with Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Alpha Mu, and Kappa Sigma. Congratulations to them all!

    Beta Nu News- FARMERS FIGHT!

    Submitted by Eric Evans on 04/16/12 05:35:00 PM



    As I attempt to start this latest report of the chapter's events and affairs, all I can say is WOW.  It's been too long since I last posted an update (sorry, y'all), but we've been so busy with all the dynamic events we've been planning, preparing, and hosting that finding the time to write one of these doesn't happen too often.


    First and foremost, I want to applaud the Beta Nu brothers on coordinating the first annual ... Read More

    Ag Advocacy on Campus!

    Submitted by Eric Evans on 02/07/12 12:51:00 AM

    Howdy Ags!


    I figured this news was important enough to have its own post, so here y'all go;  I'm talking about...


    Farmers Fight! TAMU Ag Advocacy 2012- This event, which will promote agricultural advocacy and awareness throughout the Texas A&M campus, is building steam as committee chair Mason Parish mobilizes leaders and students throughout the College of Agriculture and beyond to take part in this great movement to promote ... Read More

    Chapter Update 2-6-12

    Submitted by Eric Evans on 02/06/12 11:17:00 PM



    Sitting down to send out another update from the Beta Nu chapter, I reflect on the accomplishments of the past week:  First and foremost, we brought a great group of new brothers into the chapter for Spring Rush!  We're excited to welcome three new brothers into the Beta Nu chapter.  It's always a pleasure to watch the chapter's potential grow in conjunction with our quality membership.  I'd also like to take this ... Read More

    New Faces in New Places

    Submitted by Craig Nations on 01/23/12 10:09:00 PM

    As 2011 ends and a new years begins, we too look to the future. An new crop of officers has been established and transitioned at the Gamma Beta chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho. While some brothers merely changed offices, others decided it was time to take charge and become the new leaders of the Gamma Beta chapter. 

    On January 23, 2012, former Noble Ruler Corey Moomaw swore in the new incoming Noble Ruler, Jade Meinzer. Jade's first task as Noble ... Read More

    Alpha Gamma Rho Ranks #1 for GPA

    Submitted by Jake Riley on 02/18/11 04:07:00 PM

    At Beta Nu chapter, we have always held academics among our highest
    priorities. During the fall of 2010, the brothers of the Beta Nu chapter
    made this known to the Texas A&M Interfraternity Council and to the entire
    campus when we achieved the honor of the highest GPA of any fraternity at
    the university, ranking above the university and all men's average. Furthermore, an annual $1,000 Leadership Scholarship is awarded by the Beta Nu chapter to a ... Read More

    Nu Chapter Makes Donation to Charity

    Submitted by Will Leatherwood on 01/11/11 09:05:00 PM
    Brothers Zack Greenhill and Joe Poindexter recently visited the Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) headquarters in Pittsboro, NC to deliver a check for $500. RAFI representatives said that it was the largest private donation made all year. This donation was the result of the money raised at the chapter's Ag Bash benefit concert last semester. This was the first philanthropy effort made by Nu Chapter in several years and they aim make ... Read More

    Undergraduates Use Renovation to Earn Food for the Needy

    Submitted by Brant Bigger on 12/17/10 10:00:00 AM

     In past semesters at Epsilon, we’ve contributed to the community by doing various activities like picking up trash along our adopt-a-highway stretch, or selling wheat emptied from old samples from research plots and donating the proceeds to Farm Rescue. It’s been quite some time, however, since we’ve held our own special event at the house, and invited the public to help out. What better time to do this than our first ... Read More

    Fraternity attracts cattle from across the state to campus

    Submitted by Micah Moore on 11/18/10 05:05:00 PM

    Originally published in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune Sunday Nov. 14, 2010


    The Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity hosted the Fall Spectacular Stock Show this weekend at the Tarleton agriculture farm. More than 100 exhibitors from across the state displayed cattle in the Texas Junior Livestock Association sanctioned show with two rings and double the points. 

    Dean of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and Beta Lambda ... Read More

    Brothers "Give MS The Boot," Raise $1725 for National MS Society

    Submitted by Matt Okeson on 11/18/10 04:01:00 PM

    The Fall 2010 semester marked the beginning of a new annual philanthropic event for the Beta Nu Chapter as members joined the National MS Society in its fight against Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in honor of friends, family, and alumni who have been diagnosed with the disease. 


    Throughout the semester, Brothers solicited donations, sold t-shirts, and helped raise awareness about MS.  This year's semester-long effort to raise ... Read More

    Remembering a Native Son

    Submitted by Brandon Thiel on 11/04/10 01:46:00 PM

    Remembering Jerry Litton...Theta alumni initiated in 1958, Jerry served two terms as Noble Ruler in 1958 abd 1959.  

    Gift to CAFNR honors Jerry Litton, class of '61

    Jerry Litton, who tragically died in an aircraft accident in 1976 after winning a Democratic primary bid for United States Senator, will be honored by the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Missouri, his alma mater.



    The Jerry Litton ... Read More

    CAFNR Honors Legacy of a Champion for Student Financial Aid

    Submitted by Brandon Thiel on 11/04/10 01:32:00 PM

    Allan Purdy was initiated into Alpha Gamma Rho in 1951.  He helped many Theta brothers with financial aid during this college days at Mizzou. 

    Contributions to the Allan Purdy Scholarship

    If you would like to make a contribution to this scholarship fund, you can make a gift.

    For the fund, specify Allan W. and Vivian C. Purdy Enhancement Fund.

    Allan Purdy, who dedicated his life to removing financial barriers to higher ... Read More

  • About Alpha Gamma Rho


    The Purpose of Alpha Gamma Rho:


               To make better men, and through them a broader and better agriculture by surrounding our members with influences tending to encourage individual endeavor, resourcefulness and aggressive effort along lines making for the development of better mental, social, moral and physical qualities; to promote a wider acquaintance and a broader outlook on the part of agriculture men through fellowship in a national organization that stands for the best social, mental, and moral development.


    Alpha Gamma Rho is two Fraternities in one:


    • Professional Fraternity:


                Alpha Gamma Rho was founded on agriculture, and we uphold this tradition and provide ourselves in agricultural as our professional bond. Yes, at one time agriculture meant farmers, plows, and cows. However, agriculture has evolved into vast categories to incorporate all majors and careers dealing with natural resources, food and fiber, life sciences, biotechnology and the biological sciences. The professional aspect also allows for extensive networking with the thousands of AGR alumni in all fields across the country. Alpha Gamma Rho is an organization a graduate wants on his resume.


    • Social Fraternity:


                At the University of Minnesota, Alpha Gamma Rho is part of the Inter-Fraternity Greek Council where we have a voice of the laws that govern the Greek life on campus. In addition, we are fully capable of hosting and attending social functions for Greeks on campus and within our Fraternity house. Our social tradition is our annual Spittoon game, played in football, basketball and softball against another fraternity on campus.